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Soil screening & Trommels

A range of soil screeners and trommel machines, whether you are a professional in the construction, landscaping, waste recycling or aggregate industries, our range of soil screening and trommel machines are designed to meet your needs. Helping you to achieve the best results in soil, waste and aggregate separation.

Soil screening machines

Our soil screener and trommel machines are specifically designed to provide efficiency, versatility, and durability. They utilize advanced screening technology to separate materials based on size and shape. Thereby, allowing the removal of debris, rocks, and unwanted elements from your soil or aggregate. Our machines achieve a high level of precision in material separation, resulting in an improved quality and consistency in your final product.


In addition to traditional oscillating screening machines, we also offer trommels. Trommels are cylindrical machines that rotate, sifting through materials as they are turned over. They are commonly used in mining, recycling, and composting industries. The rotating motion of the trommel drum helps to agitate and break down the material, ensuring efficient separation.

Trommels are particularly effective in processing large volumes of soil, aggregates, waste and other materials. They can handle a wide variation of size and are capable of screening fine particles. The versatility of a trommel makes them a popular choice for many applications, from soil and aggregate screening to waste management and recycling.

High-quality and robust.

At Crushing & Screening ltd, we offer a range of oscillating and trommel screening machines that are designed to provide reliable performance and ease of use. Our machines are high-quality and robust, ensuring durability even in demanding environments. We strive to provide our customers with the best equipment for their specific requirements. Whether you require a soil screener, an aggregate screener, or a trommel, we have the solution for you. Explore our website to learn more about our products, browse through customer testimonials, view our company YouTube Channel and learn more about our commitment to quality and innovation. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and find the perfect screening solution for your business.

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