Large capacity bagging machine

Large capacity bulk bag filling machine

A large capacity bulk bagging machine, which is highly versatile and capable of handling various materials such as sand, gravel, soil, compost, stone.

High speed operation

Designed and manufactured to operate at high speeds. We also understand the demanding nature of the industry, which is why our bulk bagging machines are built to withstand rugged environments. A large capacity bulk bagging machine featuring intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces that is easy to operate and maintain. We also provide training and support to ensure smooth integration into your production line.

Customizable options

All bagging operations have their own unique requirements. This is why we offer customizable options to tailor our machines to your specific needs. Whether you require additional features, specialized systems, or integration with existing equipment, we can provide the perfect solution.

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The large capacity bulk bagging hopper from Crushing & Screening Ltd includes a large capacity circa 12m3 hopper, belt conveyor and an optional separate bag holder. An integrated weighing system will automatically stop the unit once the bag reaches the desired weight or volume. Any desired target fill can be achieved by changing the parameters on the weight control unit.

Operators place a standard 4 looped (or sleeved) IBC bag onto the bag holder, operator initiates the filling process by pressing the start button. The filled IBC bags are then removed with a forklift and the process repeated. Capable of filling a bag between 15-30 second’s depending on material bulk density.

Suitable for Aggregates, Wood Pellets, Rock Salt, Coal and many more products. This model is particularly popular due to its increased capacity yet compact footprint.

A robust large capacity bulk bagging unit designed to work with a variety of products, including abrasive materials.


  1. Various conveyor belt widths (to suit product).
  2. Fully lined (HDPE) hopper.
  3. Hopper top access platform.
  4. Various bag hanger options.
  5. Separate or integral control panel.
  6. Pre-manufacture colour choice in any RAL colour.
  7. Site installation.
  8. Bespoke additions on request.


For complete peace of mind, all new equipment is backed up by Crushing and Screenings own manufacturers guarantee.

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