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Yorkshire based Crushing & Screening Ltd has joined forces with the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of process weighing equipment and load cells, Applied Weighing International (AWI), to develop a new rapid filling bulk bagging system, that also weighs accurately.

This new single hopper system has a large capacity of in excess of 13 tonnes and enables target weights to be pre-programmed. Harper Bagged Products provided the initial brief for the system, which they required to fill a 1-tonne bag, accurately, in under 30 seconds. The system also needed to be operated by one man and a forklift truck.

Neil Ashton, Director, Crushing and Screening, said: “We approached Applied Weighing to see if they could assist us with the weighing aspect of the project and they came back to us very quickly with a proposal.”

Jonathan Taylor, Applied Weighing said: “We recommended four load cells to weigh the hopper and an indicator panel/weigh controller that could be remotely started via Bluetooth by the forklift operator.”

From placing the order the whole project from design, through to manufacture and installation was handled by Crushing and Screening Ltd.

Neil Harper, Managing Director, Harper Bagged Products, is delighted with the results: “Our expectations have been exceeded and we are delighted with the quality of the design, build and service.”

Neil Ashton added: “We have built similar units for other customers and we have a good understanding of what is required. We think this system will prove popular with other companies involved in the bagging and distribution of aggregates.”

The machine has many applications and can handle sand, gravel, compost, winter fuels and specialist aggregates. It can also be supplied with an output card fitted to the indicator panel to send data to the internet or other systems for recording or monitoring purposes.

Crushing & Screening plans to work closely with AWI in the future to further develop and enhance their product range

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