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A small but compact unit designed and manufactured by Crushing and Screening of Thirsk North Yorkshire in conjunction with the Potter Plant Hire Company.

This unique GPS Tilt bracket which fits all models of GPS systems is attached to the underside of the GPS mast on earth moving plant typically bull dozers and excavators.

The GPS system is used to accurately plot coordinates when levelling ground works,and this bracket was developed to solve a Health and Safety access problem arising from operators climbing onto the machine to install and remove the expensive GPS unit at the beginning and end of their work shift.

This problem was highlighted under the Health and Safety at Work Act due to operators working at heights.

This unique design by Crushing and Screening Ltd allows the mast to be tilted forwards and allows the operator to install or remove the GPS unit safely from ground floor level.

The unit won an Improvement to Operator Safety award as part of the A1 Great North Road upgrade.

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